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We are an experienced team working in the industry for many years. There are some things we have learned over the years, some principles that we stick to in light of these.

We see all the work we take place in as our projects that we will continue to win together as long as the project is successful. For this reason, we do not accept projects that we do not believe will be successful.

We are not an agency. We are a software development and design team all working in the production of the project. You do not meet with customer representatives or intermediaries on project meetings. You will be informed firsthand by the development / design team in all processes from planning to implementation of your project.

We love optimization. One of the biggest handicaps regarding product quality in software projects is that the customer can only have an idea as much as the interface and performance show. You will usually receive a working product. However, it should not be forgotten that the software will not stay in the way you received it, but will need to be continuously developed in line with new needs. We are obsessed with finding the most efficient software solutions not only in terms of users interface but also in terms of performance and resource consumption.

We work hard. We don't have Monday syndrome in here. We know that we work in a very dynamic field and that the ideal solution can change day by day. We follow current technologies in our field. We are constantly trying to improve ourselves.

You can write to us via info@algoritmik.net to talk about what we can do together.

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Are you someone who does your job with enthusiasm, whether in development or design?

You can contact us to meet, no matter what level you are, provided that you have this prerequisite above.


For this world, we care about the effort to change things for free and in a positive way. If you have an idea or initiative that you think we can contribute to, we would like to support you if the conditions are suitable. For such matters, you can write to us at info@algoritmik.net.

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